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Splenectomy is a surgery that involves the removal of the spleen.  This is done under general anesthesia and patients usually stay overnight to make sure they are healthy enough to go home.


Causes of Spleen Removal 

There are a few reasons why an animal may have to undergo a splenectomy. One of the most common reasons for splenectomy in dogs is due to a mass or growth on the spleen, which has split and begun bleeding.  Infiltration by cancer, most common in dogs, is another reason to remove the spleen.  Sometimes the spleen may rupture after undergoing trauma, prompting an emergency removal of the spleen to help control bleeding.

How Masses are Detected

Masses on the spleen can be detected in a variety of ways. A physical examination is the first line of detection for masses.  If it is a large mass, the area will be relatively firm and noticed during a physical exam. Radiographs are used to further detect and take a look at the mass to see if there are any signs of cancer present. Based on the determinations, a splenectomy may be performed in the future. Bloodwork is commonly performed in conjunction with the physical exam and radiographs in order to give a full picture of the pets health. 

Things to Know

Until the spleen is removed, it may bleed, and a blood transfusion may be necessary. Following surgery, your pet may stay in the hospital for a day or two until the pet is stable enough to go home.

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