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Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic Offers Digital Ultrasound for Diagnosis

When pets develop an illness or sustain an injury, accurate diagnosis can help to minimize pain and provide the correct treatment. New technologies are being used that allow veterinarians to do their jobs more effectively. At Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic in McMurray, PA, we use digital ultrasound to accurately diagnose pet illnesses and injuries.

Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic Offers Digital Ultrasound for Diagnosis

What Is Digital Ultrasound?

Digital ultrasound is a technology that uses sound waves to map a structure inside of the animal’s body. The sound waves bounce against the internal organ and are translated into a digital image that can be viewed by the veterinarian, who receives special training in interpreting these images accurately. The image may show an internal structure that is larger or smaller than it should be. It may show damage to the organ, or abnormal growths on the organ. The vet can combine this information with other tests to determine the cause of the health problem.

Conditions Digital Ultrasound Can Detect

You may be familiar with the use of ultrasound in human pregnancies to determine the health and age of a fetus. The technology can also be used to monitor the progress of pregnancies and births in animals. In addition, ultrasound is used to diagnose heart problems, the development of bladder stones, joint problems, and abnormalities in the kidneys, liver, and spleen. It can help to detect internal injuries and joint disorders. It may also be used in finding intestinal obstructions.

How Digital Ultrasound Is Performed

Ultrasound involves a hand-held device that is passed over the surface of the affected area to provide the image. In some cases, sedation may be required to allow the creation of an accurate image, but it is not always required. Your veterinarian will then carefully examine the digital image to detect any abnormalities in size or shape that could indicate a problem. Based on the ultrasound, as well as other testing, the vet can make a good diagnosis of the animal’s health problem.

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Our veterinarians and staff at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic are committed to providing the highest quality care for patients in McMurray, PA, and the nearby communities. We offer many veterinary services, including wellness exams, urgent care, preventative care, dental care, surgery, and dermatology. Call Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic today at (724) 941-5484 for an appointment to learn how digital ultrasound technology is used to diagnose many pet conditions.