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Our qualified veterinarians at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic do the best in their capacity to ensure that your pet is healthy and free from disease and illnesses. Our team is committed to providing pets the care they need when they need it most, all in the comfort of our office. We offer various services, including cryptorchid neuter and other surgical operations.


Understanding Cryptorchid Neuter

Cryptorchidism is a condition in which the dog’s testicles cannot descend properly from the abdomen to the scrotum. It may occur for one or both testicles, but it will occur for one in most cases. Our team of qualified veterinarians can diagnose if one or both testicles failed to descend to the scrotum by the time a dog is six months old. We do this by observing the scrotal area and can assess if other issues have developed in that area.

We recommend removing the affected testicles through surgery, which helps the dog stay safe from diseases such as cancer and other forms of infections. Cryptorchid procedure for dogs involves administration of anesthesia, and during the surgery, our veterinarians use a ventilator to enhance his breathing.

Effectiveness of Cryptorchid Neuter

Removal of testicles is a permanent procedure that helps eliminate the likelihood of the dog developing testicular cancer. Our experts use laparoscopy to minimize pain and the time taken to recover after the surgery. Apart from the failure of the testis to descend, pet owners can visit our clinic for proper neuter surgery.  Keeping the pet population in check helps to decrease the number of stray dogs.

Your visit to our neuter clinic will also prevent unwanted animals from coming to your property. It may also prevent disease and infections around the reproductive area. Pet owners desire to keep their animals as safe and healthy for as long as they can, and taking pets to a quality animal hospital can prevent diseases that threaten the lives of pets. We recommend regular visits to our animal hospital to have your pet properly checked to ensure optimal wellness.

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Pet care is vital for maintaining the health and happiness of your animal. If your pet is suffering from cryptorchidism or want to schedule his neuter surgery, contact our animal hospital to find out how we can help. Our McMurray veterinarians are ready to help your pet with whatever issue he or she is experiencing. You can reach us at (724) 941-5484 for any other inquiries you may have.