Meet Our Team


Shelly Free, Office Manager

Laurie and Chance

Laurie Mitchell, Hospital Administrator

Veterinary Technicians:

Chris Phillips, C.V.T. Veterinary Technician

Heather Graziano, C.V.T. Veterinary Technician

Heidi Kassai, C.V.T. Veterinary Technician

Jessica Wallace, C.V.T. Technician

Kaitlyn and Cooper

Kaitlyn McCann, C.V.T. Veterinary Technician

Katie Miller Veterinary Technician

Katie Miller, C.V.T.  Veterinary Technician

Ashley Schmidt

Ashley Schmidt, C.V.T. Veterinary Technician


Shannon Debo, Veterinary Technician 

Not pictured:

Carli Kerekes, Veterinary Technician

Elizabeth Olson, C.V.T.  Veterinary Technician

Shiannne Lijewski, C.V.T. Veterinary Technician

Mia Magnotti,Veterinary Technician

Tori Donaldson, Veterinary Technician

Briana Inmann, C.V.T. Veterinary Technician

Brooke Bioni, Veterinary Assistant

Bri Beck, Veterinary Assistant

Donovan Drahnak, Veterinary Assistant

Mark Hubbard, Veterinary Technician


Ellen Manganas, Receptionist

Jennifer Hilbert, Receptionist

Susan White, Receptionist

Lisa Bordner, Receptionist

Rose Lomis, Receptionist

Not Pictured:

Nicole Fox

Cathy Krenn

Ashley Peters

Melinda Howell

Kelly Mummert

Kennel Staff

Carla Mondik , Kennel Manager

Not pictured:

Briana Beck, Kennel Attendant

Anna Lord, Kennel Attendant

Kacey Womeldorf, Kennel Attendant

Annaleigh Thornton, Kennel Attendant

Grace Trax, Kennel Attendant

Rachel Hardy, Kennel Attendant

Lauren Hoge, Kennel Attendant

Cassidy Vaccarello, Kennel Attendant


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Dr. Hart and Madison were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING with my dog. Both of them made me comfortable the entire time. My dog can be a bit overwhelming to those that don't know her because she LOVES people. I kept apologizing for her wanting to be hugged and so excited. It can be embarrassing sometimes. They both assured me that it wasn't a problem and they both actually showed love to her. That really made my heart happy! Thank you all so much I really appreciate it."
    Maranda A.
  • "Wonderful visit! Caring Doctors and staff really make this a top shop vet office. Recommend without reservation!"
    Elizabeth L.
  • "Less than 24 hours after our visit, our dog's symptoms have improved dramatically! He is feeling a lot better already. This is why we always turn to PVVC!"
    Raina C.
  • "We took our bunnies to Dr. Hart and she was the best! One of them had an infection and Dr. Hart was so sweet and gentle with her in her treatment. My son had been very distressed about the situation and she treated him so nicely. We will definitely be back!"
    Annissa F.
  • "My Harley loves going here because he feels loved back by everyone. Dr Mike takes very good care of him."
    Jan R.