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If you adopted your pet when they were younger, you might be blindsided when the years pass and your pet is now older. But, how old is old enough to get them started on senior pet care? Is it really necessary to take your pet to a veterinarian for frequent care as they get older? The answer to that question is a resounding yes!

As your pet gets older, they will need to have the care to help with medical and physical issues that affect them in older age. Such issues include arthritis, obesity, diabetes, cancers, and other physical ailments. At Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic, we want to help pet parents in the McMurray, PA, area, find relief and know that their pets are in safe hands.

Senior Pet Care

Importance of Senior Pet Care

It's recommended to start senior pet care when your pet reaches the age of 7. Around this age is when you will begin to notice signs of aging in your pet, such as decreased ability to run and play, weight gain, decreased appetite, and even arthritis and pain. Some breeds are prone to issues such as arthritis and hip dysplasia and may need senior pet care earlier than other breeds.

How Does Senior Pet Care Work?

Senior pet care works much like regular pet care, in that a vet will check your pet to examine their overall health. They will want to make sure any bloodwork and lab work is coming back within normal range since older pets can suffer from ailments such as cancer, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Your vet will either give your pet a clean bill of health or begin treatment to help them with physical and medical issues. This can include starting medication, physical therapy, lifestyle changes to diet and exercise, and more.

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