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Few people expect that their pet will need to have a limb amputated, but it is the reality for many pets. While limb amputation is life-changing, but it can also be the best decision for pain relief and for improving the quality of your pet's life. At Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic, we have been providing pet owners in McMurray, PA with reliable pet care services for many years including pet limb amputation. Read on to learn more about limb amputation and when it might be necessary.

Limb Amputation

Amputation Is Often the Safest Choice

Pets require amputation for several reasons. For example, some dogs and cats have bone cancer, which leads to broken bones, fractures, and serious pain. In other cases, trauma results in too much damage to the bones. Amputation may be the best option to prevent pain and future complications. For many pets, injuries are recurring. This can be expensive and painful for your pet. Additionally, pets may experience a serious infection accompanying these limb injuries. It may be safer for your pet to avoid these injuries in the first place. Amputation can provide safety.

Amputation Can Lead to Improved Quality of Life

Improved quality of life is important for pet owners. Your pet will be able to walk with three limbs, allowing him or her to have mobility without the experience of serious pain. In some cases, pets receive prosthetic limbs that also improve mobility and allow them to adjust to a new life.

Is Amputation Right for Your Pet?

Each pet is different, and some pets are better candidates for amputation than others. Surgery may be a good option for your pet if your dog or cat is in overall good health and will be able to adjust to having three limbs. Some pets, including those with arthritis, may not have an easy time adjusting. You should look for minor complications that may follow surgery, including bruising, infection, and phantom pain. Veterinarians provide medication for pain and other symptoms as necessary, but you should ensure that you bring your pet to scheduled follow-up appointments so its recovery can be monitored.

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