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If you're looking for a team of veterinarians working at a quality animal hospital in McMurry, PA, Pleasent Valley Veterinary Clinic is where to turn. Established in 1973, our primary focus is and always has been providing top-notch medical care to your furry family members. We aim to give each patient the highest quality treatment and medical advice specific to their needs.

As a family-owned and operated animal hospital, we put our attention not only on giving you the best answers by utilizing evidence-based medicine, but our veterinarians also deliver each client excellence in customer care. We will never make you wait around to get into an exam room, and when you get your opportunity with our doctors to complete your consultation, we give you all the time you need. You will never feel rushed or like we're not taking you seriously. Your pets are just as important to us as they are to you!


What Your Animals Can Receive at Our Medical Clinic

Along with providing basic services for your animals, including vaccinations, spay and neuter surgery, and emergency care, we also take the time to ensure that you and your pet have the strongest human-animal bond possible. We know how essential it is for your pet's health to live a happy and healthy life, and that starts at home with you! Our veterinarians are always eager to answer questions and clear up any concerns you may have, not only about the physical health of your animal but the mental state as well.

We have an incredible passion for animals of all shapes and sizes, and that is what continues to drive us to do our best for you and your critters. In addition to our daily operations at Pleasent Valley Veterinary Clinic in McMurray, PA, we do whatever we can to provide our customers and their pets with the most advanced treatment options. That means continuing our education when possible and staying up-to-date on the latest and ever-changing advancements within the veterinary field.

Our veterinarians have gained recognition in professional memberships, including:

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Our animal hospital in McMurray, PA, is the oldest clinic in Petter's Township, and we haven't lasted this long by accident. We overdeliver at every opportunity and offer services for all small animals. If your pet needs medical care, our team is the one you can trust. From the moment you walk through the front doors, we will make you feel like family