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Pleasant Valley Animal Clinic is a leading animal hospital in the McMurray area. We treat many different species of pets here, from cats and dogs to small mammals to birds and even reptiles. We offer a full selection of services, from checkups to microchipping to spay and neuter services. Spay and neuter operations are one of the most important services that we offer at our animal hospital. Read on to learn more about our spay and neuter operations. 


The Spay/Neuter Procedure

Spay and neuter procedures are two of the most common surgical procedures for dogs and cats. Neuter procedures are for male animals, while spay procedures are for female animals. We have a great deal of experience with spay and neuter procedures on both dogs and cats. This is a relatively minor and simple surgery with a high success rate and a low rate of adverse effects. It is an outpatient procedure and most of the animals we perform spay and neuter procedures on recover quickly enough to go home that same day. Spay and neuter procedures should be done when your pet is a puppy or a kitten.

The Importance of Spay/Neuter Procedures

Spay and neuter procedures are very important. These procedures keep the United States from having a serious problem with feral dogs and cats. These problems are often seen in countries that do not perform widespread spay and neuter procedures. An abundance of feral dogs and cats can lead to a public health hazard, as these animals will not be vaccinated against various diseases, like rabies, that can be spread to humans. This situation is prevented by widespread spaying and neutering, and you can do your part by getting your pet spayed or neutered. 

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Pleasant Valley Animal Clinic in McMurray is here for your pet, no matter what their veterinary needs may be. We can take care of everything from a spay/neuter surgery, to microchipping, to dental care, and so much more. We pride ourselves on treating all of our furry patients with kindness and respect. If you would like to get more info about our services or you have questions about our animal hospital, we'd be happy to help. Simply contact us through our website or via phone at (724) 941-5484 and we can get you the information you need and even help you make an appointment. Contact us today.