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If your pet has cancer or another health issue that requires a mastectomy, and you're in the McMurray, PA area, Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic is here to help. We know it's important for you to have all the information you need to make a healthcare decision for your pet. We'll work with you to ensure you know how the surgery works, what it's for, and what you can expect afterward, as your pet recovers.

Here's what to consider, before making a surgery decision.

What Is a Pet Mastectomy?

A pet mastectomy is a surgery that removes the mammary glands. It's designed to be used when treatment is needed for cancer, tumors, or other issues in the mammary area. Often, lymph nodes are also removed in order to reduce the chances of a problem coming back or occurring again.

This is a serious surgery, and your pet will need some time to recover. The more you understand the surgery pros and cons, the more easily you can make a good decision for your pet's health and future.

How Can an Animal Hospital Help?

When you work with veterinarians at an animal hospital, you can get information and support as your pet goes through the procedure and recovery. You may not be sure about the risks and benefits and talking with professionals is one of the best ways to have a better understanding of the issue. There's no reason to settle for less than that, especially where your pet's health and wellbeing are concerned. Taking good care of your pet is the top priority of an animal hospital.

What Questions Should You Ask?

Asking questions is important and will help you to get the answers you need in order to feel more confident about your pet's surgery. You also want to have good peace of mind, and you can do that more easily when you have good knowledge. Asking about the risks is important, as is asking about the recovery time and aftercare that will be needed. Being prepared can go a long way toward helping you and your pet feel more comfortable after the surgery is over.

Reach Out for Help Today

If you're in the McMurray, PA area, and in need of an animal hospital to discuss your pet's mastectomy options, reach out to the veterinarians at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic today at (724) 941-5484.

We're here to help and contacting us is the first step toward making sure your pet is getting the right care for its needs. No matter what issue or condition your pet is facing, you want to make sure it’s getting the quality care you can rely on. We will treat you and your pet like family.