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Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic Offers FHO

Certain pets may develop hip problems that affect their ability to walk normally and move without discomfort. A femoral head and neck ostectomy is a procedure that is performed on both dogs and cats to relieve pain and restore normal mobility in the hip joint. At Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic in McMurray, PA, we offer FHO to help pets with mobility issues.

What Is a FHO?

The femoral head and neck ostectomy procedure removes the head and neck of the femur to stabilize the hip joint. After the removal of these parts of the hip joint, the muscles of the leg hold the joint together. Over time, scar tissue forms between the acetabulum and the femur, creating a “false joint” that forms a cushion and allows pain-free mobility. Generally, the procedure is done on smaller animals, but can be applied to larger animals as well. A FHO surgery helps to restore normal or near-normal mobility and quality of life for animals with mobility issues related to the hip joint.

Why Is Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy performed?

A number of problems can damage the hip joint to such an extent that an animal is unable to enjoy normal, pain-free movement, such as fractures to the hip, hip dysplasia, severe arthritis, and necrosis of the hip joint. When a total hip replacement procedure is not advisable for an animal, a femoral head and neck ostectomy may be recommended. The FHO procedure can be done on an animal of any age.

Recovery from FHO Surgery

Veterinarians generally provide pain medication for a few weeks after surgery. Pet owners must administer medications, monitor wounds, and ensure activity levels of the animal are limited until healing is complete. Physical therapy is recommended after the procedure to encourage strengthening the joint and full range of motion. The risk for complications is low and most animals achieve a good recovery.

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