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Fleas and ticks cause distress and potential medical risks to cats and dogs. If you live near the Peters Township or McMurray area, contact Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic when your pet is suffering from a flea or tick infestation. One of our veterinarians will provide your pet with an examination and discuss the appropriate treatment options and future prevention tactics that will then be taken. Read on to learn how to identify a flea or tick problem in your pet, and how to help your pet avoid contracting these parasites.


How To Tell If Your Pet Has Fleas Or Ticks

Fleas are small insects that run through the fur of a pet very quickly. They look somewhat like black sesame seeds with legs. Flea waste is usually seen in the fur of a pet that has a flea infestation. This waste is usually left behind in clusters and looks like specks of pepper. Ticks look like small spiders when they are not engorged from blood from a host. When they attach to a host, they will get bigger and may look like a brown kernel of corn attached to your pet's coat.

How To Help Your Pet Avoid A Flea Or Tick Problem

It is very important to check your dog or cat regularly for the presence of fleas or ticks. This way a problem can be treated promptly, helping to stop it from further escalating. Keep a flea comb handy and run it through your pet's fur every day or so. It is especially important to check your pet after they spend time outdoors. Consider hiring a landscaping service to treat your property for fleas and ticks. Keep on top of lawn mowing to make areas that your pet frequents less desirable for insects to hide. Most importantly, the best way to avoid a flea or tick problem is with preventative medication.

How Our Veterinarians Will Help

When you bring your pet into our animal hospital for a checkup, our veterinarians will see if fleas or ticks are causing your pet any distress. If parasites are found, medication is administered to eliminate them from your pet's body completely. If your pet requires treatment for skin issues caused by fleas or ticks, this will require another medication. Our vets will discuss options to stop future outbreaks, including topical medicine you need to apply to your pet each month for complete protection.

Parasite Prevention & Veterinary Care

If you live near the Peters Township or McMurray area, and your precious pet has parasites, contact Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic. As with just about everything medical, prevention is always easier than treatment. So, if your pet has not been affected by parasites, bring them in as well so that they can avoid them altogether. Call our office at (724) 941-5484 to set up an assessment for your pet or to obtain preventative medication.