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If you have been informed that your pet needs full mouth tooth extractions, or if you are searching online about full mouth pet extractions because you see the pain they are in then you likely have a ton of questions and concerns. Our veterinarians at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic serving McMurray, PA, are here to answer question you have about your pet’s dental health throughout the stages of their life. Visit our animal hospital for care for your pet including dental extractions. 

Full Mouth Pet Extractions

Questions About Full Mouth Pet Extractions

Why Does My Pet Need a Full Mouth Tooth Extraction?

If a veterinarian on our team has recommended a full mouth extraction it is likely the last resort after signs of mouth pain, reduction in appetite, and disease from tooth decay. It can be a life-saving measure, and it certainly is a way to improve an aging pet's quality of life if they are suffering from daily toothaches. 

How Will My Pet Eat Afterward?

Your pet will likely need a diet of only soft foods and care from you to make sure that they are actually eating their new diet. Some dogs love the change because wet food tends to smell stronger and have good flavor, and their appetite should increase with the reduction of pain and infection.  

How Long Will It Take My Pet to Recover after the Extraction?

It will take your pet between two and four weeks to make a full recovery from the extraction and any stitches but in most cases, the reduction of tooth pain is so instantaneous that the pet owners report and happier dog from day two. 

What Are Some Signs of Dental Pain in My Pet?

The first sign is often a loss of appetite. You may notice your pet has bad breath, and visible decay around the gum line, and they may even lose a tooth. As a general rule if your pet is acting out of the range of their normal behavior it is likely something is wrong. If they do not eat like normal, sulk, or sleep more be sure to get them checked out to find out why. 

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We at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic serve McMurray, PA, with care for your pet. If your pet is showing signs of dental decay or pain do not delay their appointment at our animal hospital. Call at (724) 941-5484.