Pet Death and Grief

One of the most difficult times for pet owners is when their pet dies.  Veterinarians know a pet loss causes grief that must be worked through.  Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic has some suggestions to help pet owners understand and overcome pet loss.

Be Prepared

If pet loss is expected, it helps to be prepared.  Planning a memorial for your pet, your pet's last resting place, and any other things you would like to do in advance will be easiest. Planning things like this while experiencing grief can be difficult. Grief counseling can help prepare you for pet loss and identify ways for you to channel your distress.

Inform Family Members

Grief counselors agree it is best to tell all family members, even children, the truth of what is happening with your pet.  Any story you might tell a child can be misinterpreted by them, leading to unnecessary concerns. Even if you must put your pet to sleep, being honest is best. If you make decisions regarding pet loss as a family, the situation will be more bearable for everyone.

When Your Pet is Dying

Our clients have the choice of being with their pet at the end or remembering their pet as they were before death. If your pet needs to be put to sleep, your pet will be given several shots. Pets do not feel pain during this process, and pets can be held after they pass. 

Give Yourself Time to Grieve

Don't act like everything is fine. Take some time to set aside daily cares and just miss your pet. If you find yourself having trouble completing daily activities, grief counseling services can help. Everyone experiences pet loss differently, and no matter how you are feeling, our animal hospital staff are here to help.

Grief Counseling 

Grief Counseling is very beneficial for family that is struggling with the loss of a pet. Chartiers Custom pet cremation has support for grieving families on their website:

Ohio State University also offers links for Grief Counseling:


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