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Penn Hip Certification

PennHIP Certification

There are many ways to evaluate your pet's health at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic in McMurray, PA. As you likely know, dogs can develop osteoarthritis, causing them considerable pain and discomfort. PennHIP certification evaluates the condition of your dog's hip and it also evaluates how flexible your dog's hip joints are. PennHIP certification is beneficial because it is capable of predicting the onset of osteoarthritis more accurately than the current standard of such prediction. 

Penn Hip Certification Also Includes A Database

PennHIP certification isn't just a method of predicting the onset of osteoarthritis in dogs. Another part of it is an entire network made up of veterinarians who have undergone training so they can use the PennHIP method properly. There is also a database that contains all of the PennHIP data and this data can prove invaluable to other vets. 

The first step is that certified PennHIP members take radiographs and send them to the PennHIP Analysis Center for evaluation. The Center then gets data from these evaluations and the database stores this data. This data helps vets learn more about canine hip dysplasia and how to treat it. 

What Are the Benefits of PennHIP Certification?

There are multiple benefits of PennHIP certification. As previously mentioned, one of them is that vets can more accurately predict the onset of osteoarthritis in dogs. This helps them begin treatment as soon as possible, which can improve the dog's treatment. Another benefit of PennHIP certification is that it provides vets with three different views of the dog's hip area.

These three views are the hip-extended view, the compression view, and the distraction view. Vets use the compression view and the distraction view to measure the flexibility and congruity of the dog's hip joints. These views give them measurements that are both precise and accurate. The hip-extended view provides the vets at our animal hospital with additional information about any osteoarthritis that might exist in the dog's hip joint. Our vets consider all of these views to get the best understanding of the condition of your dog's hip joints. 

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